I am an educated designer with 14+ years of experience, having primarily worked in the field of Motion Design, Art Direction and Film Direction.

After graduating from Supinfocom Valenciennes I started my career as a 3D modeling and texture artist for Nwave Digital, in Brussels, working on numerous commercials and stereoscopic IMAX ride movies. I then moved on as a texture and compositing artist for animation studios in Luxembourg (Rapido Studio, Oniria Pictures, etc…) working on full feature films and animated TV series. Being skilled in both 3D an 2D fields I continued my career at in-visible studio, doing mostly compositing and 3D architectural visualization before founding remedia.lu in 2004.

This led to an interesting adventure focused mostly on motion design, video and art direction.
Some commercial work done for remedia can be found here.

Contact Me


Mail: steve@visual-delight.lu
Phone: +352 691 309 180